Thursday, February 7, 2013

Revised: Kerri Gets Caught

Check out Kerri Gets Caught, newly revised for 2013!  Kerri Gets Caught has always been a favorite, and now, with more description and a longer length, it's even more satisfying than before!  ;-)  Here's a description:

Some days Kerri’s job as a house cleaner are dreary and boring—but not on Thursdays! Her favorite client is a stunning man who leaves an astonishing array of sex toys and sexy movies lying about. There’s nothing wrong with relieving a little of her workday stress, right? Until the apartment owner comes home, that is, and Kerri finds herself caught in his stern, penetrating gaze...

An erotic short story of 4,888 words.

If that's not enough to pique your interest, here's a sexy excerpt:

She reached over and picked up her vibrator, guiding it inside her. She moaned softly, never taking her eyes off the TV. She moved the vibrator in and out of her pussy, starting out slowly and gradually gaining speed. She watched the slow fucking and listened to the moans and groans coming from the computer as she fucked herself.

It wasn’t long before she started moaning along with the people on the TV. This was the hottest video she’d seen. Watching that cock on the TV and imagining it stroking in and out of her was doing incredible things inside her. A throbbing heat built within her as she pulled the vibrator out and rubbed the slick tip of it against her pulsing clit. Circling it with fervor now, she pinched a nipple with her free hand, which sent shockwaves of delight rocketing through her system. She felt herself coming, groaning, her muscles tight as ripples of exquisite pleasure bloomed and burst like fireworks. Over and over again she quivered and tensed, until the last throes of orgasm subsided. With a satisfied moan, she let the hand holding the vibrator fall weakly to the bed, as limp as the rest of her very satisfied body.

“That looked like fun. You should have waited for me,” a deep voice said.

Kerri Gets Caught is available at the following retailers:

All Romance Ebooks  (new version not yet uploaded...coming soon)

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