Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Blog! Yay!

Here it is! The grand opening of my new blog.  Check it out--sit that firm round ass of yours into that leather couch.  Have a little appetizer--oysters, of course!  A little passion fruit, maybe?  Let me get you something to drink.  Oh, sexy waiter?  Yes, you over there with the tray of glasses and the bare, muscled, oiled-up chest--bring my reader friend here a glass of champagne.  We're here to celebrate!

What are we celebrating, you ask?  My all-new blog and revised and expanded stories, of course!  That's right, the reviewers asked for it, and I listened.  I'm re-vamping all my stories, adding more delicious detail and making the readers' experiences more detailed, sensual, and longer-lasting.  And who doesn't want that from a "sexual encounter"?

To celebrate the re-vamping of all my books, I started a new blog.  Don't you just love shiny, new things?  Me too!  So I'm also re-doing most of my covers.  I hope you like every lusty, busty one of them!  One thing you might also notice is that the prices will be changing as well.  The current average price in the market for an erotic short story of about 3500 words and up is $2.99.  The new, expanded lengths of the stories alone justify the new price, based on market trends, but I am also putting more work into each story, including more editing, extra writing, and new covers.  I hope the readership understands, and considers the time and effort I'm putting in to be worth it.

The revised stories will average about 4500-5000 words, not including bonus excerpts.  Long enough for more detail and description, for your reading pleasure.  You'll find that all the old stories have been removed from Amazon, and many from Barnes and Noble and a few other retailers.  All of them are still up on Smashwords, however, if you want to check them out.  As each story is re-vamped, it will be uploaded to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., and on Smashwords and a few other sites, the old files will be switched with new stories.  You'll know it's new, because it will say "revised and expanded for 2013", and the new copyright date will be 2013, and it may have a new cover (most will, but not all).

I'm working as fast as I can, but with sixty-three stories out, it will take time.  I'll also be compiling a master list of my stories, which will tell you when a story has been revised, and will link to an individual post about the book.  Those posts will include a story blurb, the new cover, an excerpt, and links for buying the book at most major retailers.

Thank you so much for your loyalty and kind thoughts.  My goal has always been to bring a little happiness to a reader's day, and help them forget their troubles.  And if you get a "release" from it as well, that's even better!  ;-)

Now go off and take a look around my new place.  Mingle, munch on refreshments, peruse the erotic artwork.  Just watch out for the room with the blue door. Some crazy stuff goes on in there.  And the orgy room is the last door on the right.  It has a hot tub that seats ten.  Enjoy!  ;-)

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