Thursday, February 7, 2013

Read ALL Naughty Nikki Palmer's Sexy Stories...and where to buy them!

This post will be a complete resource for finding all my stories!  It will be updated every time I publish (or re-publish) a story.  I will put a link to this post in the sidebar, so you can find it easily.  SCROLL DOWN FOR THE LIST.

Some retailers don't allow all of my deliciously naughty stories (too hot for them to handle!), or I might delay putting a story on some retailer sites for a few months if I have enrolled the story in the Amazon Select program (they have an exclusivity clause for as long as a story is in the program).

Because of that, readers may miss out on some of my stories. *GASP*  We can't have that!  I want you to have the widest (longest...juiciest...*grin*) selection to choose from.  So I'm listing all my stories here, and each link below will lead to a separate post for that story, showing the cover, the blurb, and a brief excerpt, as well as links to buy the story at your preferred e-book retailer!  The books will be listed with the newest book (or the most recently revised) book at the top of the list, and the oldest at the bottom.

Be sure to CHECK BACK OFTEN to see the latest changes/additions to this list.    Don't forget to subscribe to my blog to receive blog updates on my latest releases!

Nikki Palmer Complete Book List:

Kerri Gets Caught

Other Nikki Palmer books besides those listed above are available at Smashwords and a few at other retailers, but those are not revised versions, yet.

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